5 Tips for Link Building using your Blog

In this article, you can find useful tips for getting more links to your company website and increase your position in the search engine rankings. Creating content and interacting with bloggers to encourage links back to your site is a brilliant way of doing this, but if you are looking for a long-term way to continually create links to your site, starting a company blog is most recommended. You can use our Premium Content Services to save you many hours of hard work.

A time-consuming task, I must admit, from creating the Blog to posting fresh content regularly; it all takes considerable time and energy. If you want the site to be linked to then, the content must be good, interesting, and unique. However, the residual effects could be hugely beneficial for link building and increasing your search engine ranking, not to mention your company’s online presence. Here are five great tactics to help your Blog become your best long term link building tool:


1. Spend time forming relationships with other bloggers. If you have the relationship in place, then when you have new, great content on your Blog, you can hit people up on Twitter and Facebook with your posts and hopefully get some links back to your own site.

2. Create resources on your Blog. When writing their own blog posts, bloggers will often look for “how to’s” or explanations of tools to link to and illustrate a point. Create a concise and clear guide that will benefit your readers and hopefully gain lots of links.

3. Try and link your content to other bloggers. Giving people credit for their work will help you to form relationships with influential people in your industry. Tweet at them, thank them for the posts that have inspired you and get a dialogue going. Who knows, it could result in a link to one of your blogs in the future or a relationship with an influential and interesting blogger.

4. Be patient! This is extremely important; creating a blog will not get you hundreds of links straight away but a slow build-up of links over time. Great content can result in a brilliant trickle of links coming to your site every time you post. Just be aware that you are in it for the long haul; do not expect an immediate onslaught of links.

5. Make sure your content is unique. Do not create brilliant, unique content for your Blog and then syndicate it around the web- this will decrease the worth of the work you have done considerably. Unique content is also the best way to ensure you will be the go-to place for a link on that subject.

And here is another top tip for free, not really related to link building but definitely something to bear in mind when starting your own Blog.

6. Keep in mind that you are, first and foremost, a business; it can be an excellent way to communicate with your customers. Show them your personality and interests, as well as giving tips about how your products and services could help them. Encourage comments and questions, and you could increase your client interaction significantly.

So here are some of my top tips to help you create a brilliant blog that will slowly get you links, recognition, and ultimately customers! Go and get blogging and see what it could do for you.

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