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Use the contact form to get a price quote. You can book a 2 hour live meeting anywhere in London for £50. If you're already a paying client you can schedule a free 1 to 1 meeting in London.

  • Responsive Web Design
Responsive Design

Web Design optimized for Tablets and Mobiles.

  • WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes for your website.

  • Android Design

Android Apps & Games Design

Web Design Developer Packages

We offer custom web design & SEO services but based on previous requests of our clients we also created the following packages (+1 Year Free Hosting for every package if the buyer requests)

Basic Package
  • £190
  • +   1 Page
  • +   Responsive
  • +   Logo Design
  • +   Simple Contact Form
  • +   1 Revision

  • PayPal � The safer, easier way to pay online.
Standard Package
  • £470
  • +   3 Pages
  • +   Responsive
  • +   Logo Design
  • +   Captcha Contact Form
  • +   Wordpress Integration
  • +   2 Revisions
  • +   Basic SEO
  •   >   1 Keyword
  •   >   1 Blog Post
  •   >   200 Twitter Followers
  •   >   200 Facebook Page Likes

  • PayPal � The safer, easier way to pay online.
Premium Package
  • £1250
  • +   10 Pages
  • +   Responsive
  • +   Logo Design
  • +   3 Banners Design
  • +   Captcha Contact Form
  • +   Wordpress/CMS Integration
  • +   5 Revisions
  • +   1 Month Premium SEO
  •   >   3 Keywords
  •   >   Keyword Research
  •   >   On-Site Optimisation
  •   >   Quality Link Building
  •   >   Co-ciation & Co-occurence
  •   >   Content Creation
  •   >   3 Guest Posts
    (Authority Websites)
  •   >   1 Press Release
  •   >   Web 2.0, Edu, Wiki Links
  •   >   Social Signals
  •   >   1000 Twitter Followers
  •   >   1000 Facebook Page Likes
  •   >   Detailed Report After 1 Month

  • PayPal � The safer, easier way to pay online.

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You can request a quote for an entire project or you can choose the hourly rate. The usual fee is £20 per Hour , minimum four hours ordered. Current clients can book a 1 to 1 Meeting in London at their preferred location/office/home to discuss a new project in details.


Premium WordPress Themes Responsive Web Design Android Aps & Games Design On-Site & Off-SiteSEO Brand Building, Article Publishing& more...

  • Freelance Web Design
Custom Web Design
  • SEO
Search Engine Optimization
  • Front Web Developer
Web Development, PHP/Mysql
  • Android
Android Apps & Games Design

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