Should You Buy Social Media Followers?

Twitter it’s a social media platform quickly becoming the most used mean of communication and its users are not only using Twitter to post their own findings but also to talk directly with friends and followers.

This is similar to the way mobile text messages started to gain popularity many years ago, and now everyone is using SMS messages.

We can see how Twitter is changing the way we communicate with each other. However, when a communication tool becomes canonical, then all start thinking the same thing, “How can I make money off of this?”

This question was answered for SMS text messaging as text message marketing has become a colossal enterprise. But Twitter, although gigantic, is still in its infant stages. It is a force that marketers are still figuring out, and its etiquette and best practices are still evolving.

A popular topic among Twitter enthusiasts is the controversy of buying Twitter followers. Social Media still has a roguish feel to it. Even though businesses have capitalized on it, the landscape is completely defined by the user, unlike TV and magazines, which have unavoidable ads. The rules are still being defined here in the social media world. While buying Twitter followers seems a little counter-intuitive, the argument still deserves analysis.

Expand Your Reach

Gaining more followers places your tweets firmly on the home pages of more individuals. It expands your reach. If the point of Twitter is building an audience to communicate with, then gaining more followers (no matter how you get them) does that effectively.

Celebrity Status

In the world of Twitter, followers denote status, which makes sense. If a user is producing quality content, they’ll get followed. If a lot of people think the content is follow-worthy, then it must be good. Also, if a Twitter profile has a lot of followers, more users are likely to follow that profile. They think, “This must be a person worth listening to.” So, maintaining a strong base of followers and producing good content can, in turn, produce more followers.

Encouraging Spam

While the idea of gaining thousands of followers very quickly can be appealing, one has to think of the quality of the followers they’re gaining. Buying Twitter followers may not be what it’s cracked up to be. While many of the users who employ services in order to gain followers have a legitimate stream, most of those followers are spammy. Twitter spam is already plaguing direct messaging and retweets. By adding people who are abusing Twitter, the abusers are only becoming more powerful and potent.

Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

The best thing about social media is that it takes information and makes it shareable and conversational. Half the duty of Twitter is not only producing media but reading and responding to the tweets of others; it’s a social platform, not a soapbox. Associating with users that are only producing content and have too many followers to respond to doesn’t fully utilize the system and creates a subculture where the conversation has stopped. That completely goes against Twitter’s intention.

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