Small Business Marketing

This article is very useful to those looking for inexpensive ways to market their small online businesses.

Many small businesses are long on ideas, but short on cash to develop them. They don’t have the deep pockets that some start ups have, but there are ways that can help them get noticed and successfully launched.

Make Certain Your Business is Ready

Before you set off on a plan to market your business, you should be positively certain that you and your concept are ready for the rush. Are you following your business plan? Have you thought about the inner workings; the hows and whys of your business, the procedures, employee training, sources, products etc.

You usually have one shot at a customer. Their first reaction is the determining factor in whether they will become a customer or just a curious walk by. Do you have it right? Once you feel satisfied that all the parts are in place, and you have had experience with it, you should begin your full marketing thrust.

Press Release for Free Exposure

Prepare a press release about yourself and your business. Make it short but interesting. Key on your most salient points. Send a well prepared version to local newspapers, radio and TV stations, business columnists, Chambers of Commerce, and any person or group who may have an interest or need for what you are trying to develop. It is the best possible exposure you can get, and it’s free. Become the voice of your industry and a go-to person when background info is required.

Be a Traveling Billboard

Your car can speak for you. When you are traveling within your community, you can make your business visible to hundreds of potential clients every day. Something as simple and as inexpensive as magnetized signs on your car doors can draw attention. If the budget allows, sign-makers can produce stylish digital decals or window advertisements for your vehicle that will make your message stand out on the road. Park your car in conspicuous places when taking a coffee break or having lunch. Your car can be part of your brand. Make it recognizable.

Knock on Doors

Before the internet, and before social networking came on the scene, face to face encounters were an important part of B2B exposure. What goes around, comes around. Make a list of your target clients; then make direct visits to these businesses to introduce yourself and your company. Be polite and courteous even if you can not get a face to face meeting with the principals. Speak to anyone on the staff who might listen and leave information about your company and services. You have given your business a face. Make occasional follow up visits with updates on your company.

Expose Yourself

Get a booth at local trade shows. Pass out informative brochures about what your business has to offer. Have a special show price to offer. Depending on the product or service, give out free samples. Give away custom lanyards, pens and other useful inexpensive items with your business name and website inscribed. If you are a retail business, you may be able to convince some suppliers to provide you with give-away items. Dress in a manner that befits or surpasses general business standards, so as to leave an impression.

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