Use YouTube For Marketing and Promotion of Your Business

If you can write about it, you can make a video out of it. Online marketing has never been better without the existence of YouTube video marketing.

  • To show you some (jaw-dropping) statistics
  • There are over 3 billion videos viewed daily.
  • 48 hours of videos uploaded in every minute.
  • There are nearly 17 million YouTube users linked their accounts to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • There are more than 500 tweets that contain video links from YouTube in every minute.
  • Millions of subscriptions are being made every day.

YouTube is very popular and everyone knows, including yourself, that you want to use their service to help you promote your online business. If you are still not convinced about that, here are the benefits YouTube can give you.

  • It allows you to reach a different set of audience. YouTube’s audiences are mostly in between 18-54 years old, which is the working class.
  • It allows you to place links going to your site in the video description.
  • You can customize it and make it look like your own website, only it provides a nest for your videos.
  • You can build your own subscribers by using annotations. If you are familiar with YouTube, you see those annotations that appear that encourages you to subscribe or like the video. Annotations also allow you to place links to the other videos you have.
  • It allows you to display the most popular videos you have and create a playlist for them.
  • You can share your video and embed them to your website or in Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How do you use YouTube for marketing and promotion of your business?

1.) Create a Video of what you have been writing

Creating a video, making people see and hear you speak about your business or expertise, will give you plus points in earning your client’s trust. Share your expertise and promote your business through your videos. As we all know, a video is a visually engaging medium that allows people to have a clearer view and knowledge on what you are up to. If you are too shy to face in front of the camera though, there are a lot of ways as to how you can come up with a video. You can actually make a video only by taking screen captures as you make tutorials, drawing and mapping out diagrams, and anything you can think of in front a video camera. The point is, you have to make your product more visually enhanced.

2.) YouTube Ads are cheaper than what you pay for Google AdWords or Facebook Ads

People are actually going to YouTube to find answers for their search queries. The keywords they use are things that you can actually bid on YouTube ads like you usually do in Google AdWords.

3.) YouTube is a social medium which you can use with other platforms to increase popularity

Once you have posted a video in YouTube, you can use this video and share them using Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, among others and increase the scope and popularity of such video. This helps you bring in more traffic to your website. When a video becomes viral, that gives you a lot more opportunity to become HUGE online.

4.) Get customer related feedback, positive or negative

Once you allow comments on a video you posted in YouTube, you will be able to hear customers feedback and also able to receive inquiries and questions posted by potential leads and future clients.

YouTube allows you to become creative as you make your business even more visible online. At its current popularity rate, spending time creating relevant and entertaining business videos will always be worth your time.

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