Brand Building

Brand Building is very important for certain companies and it needs a special approach on link building.

It is needed to associate the brand with certain keywords, identify the target public and obtain backlinks from specific websites.

Co-citation & Co-occurrence

Co-citation & Co-occurrence are considered to be the future of Search Engine Optimization.

It is considered that Co-citation will be more important than anchor text. Co-citation and Co-occurrence  are obtained when you put the brand (website name, not necessarily the URL on keyword) in a certain context and keywords.

As an example we can have “keyword ranking is important for” will make “keyword ranking” associated with “” even if  “” doesn’t have in title or in content that specific keyword mentioned.

Link Building & Brand Building

When you wish to build a powerful brand your link building campaign should be centered on obtaining backlinks from Authority Websites.

Remember that the Authority Website should also be relevant to the brand, the intended query search. Should be in a way related to the content of the website representing the Brand.

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